It is hard to miss one of the most popular wedding trends out there… a “naked” wedding cake. These cakes, which are mostly unfrosted, are perfect for an outdoor or rustic wedding or for couples that are looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

Truly “naked” cakes only have frosting in-between the layers whereas a “semi naked” cake will have frosting on the sides that is scraped off to reveal the cake underneath.

There are so many great cake examples out there! Here are a few of my favorites

With all of this naked cake research I’ve decided to partner with, Michelle Le, the owner of LoveLe Sweets, based in Northern Virginia. In a few weeks I will be visiting her kitchen to get a tutorial on how to make a semi-naked cake! I cannot wait to try my hand at one of the hottest wedding trends and pick her brain about what other wedding cake trends she has been seeing lately and what she thinks is on the horizon!