After what feels like a lifetime of sheltering in place (seriously, what day IS it?!), we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! We could not be more excited to get back out there and start enjoying life again, including celebrating life’s most precious moments – read: intimate ceremonies and celebrations!!!

Just because we’re currently spending a majority of our time at home doesn’t mean wedding planning has to come to a halt. Whether you’re currently planning your postponed wedding, or are staying the course with a more intimate celebration scheduled for later this year or in early 2021, we say, make the most of the time you have now!  Not only is it a nice distraction, but you can get ahead on planning, and when we do come out of this someday, you’ll be ready.  Here are 5 things you can do now to keep that wedding planning ball rolling…


If you’re anything like us, you’re already shopping online… maybe too much. Instead of purchasing another pair of shoes, or vacation wear for that trip we’re all dying to take, take advantage of the sales right now, and redirect that energy and purchase some items you’ll need for the wedding weekend.

  • Gifts –   You’re already thinking of those you love right now, why not purchase a little something special to gift them on the wedding day and show them how much they mean to you.  Purchasing things like, getting ready attire (robes, pjs, oversized shirts, etc.), bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts (jewelry, totes, ties, socks, etc), gifts for parents, and even gifts for each other if you are going to exchange on the big day.  Pair these thoughtfully selected items with a handwritten card, and you’re one step closer to getting everything done for the big day!

  • Menswear –  Somehow this task is often something that is left to the last minute. Get ahead by ordering tuxes/suits for the guys now!  A number of menswear retailers take orders online, or over the phone, and it’s very user-friendly.  All you need are measurements. We highly recommend Indochino, if purchasing, or Black Tux, for rentals.
  • Day-Of Details – We live for those little intentional details on wedding day that really showcase the love between our couple, and highlight the authenticity of the celebration.  Things like personalized cocktail napkins, signage, ring boxes, vow books, even welcome bag/box treats are things you can start gathering/ordering today! Spending some creative energy on these fun pieces will get you excited for the guest experience of the wedding day and keep you in an excited place.
  • Registry – Yes, the scanning gun in the stores is extra fun, but so is online registering!  Spend some extra time with your honey shopping for wish list items and adding all them to your wedding registry so this is set and ready to go for future showers and the wedding day. Zola is one of our go-to sites for compiling all of your registrations.


Since we’ve been at home, sadly our catering, cake and beverage tastings have been cancelled or postponed.  To keep up planning momentum, we’ve found that tasting at home can be easy and fun in a new and different way!

  • Cake – We love that many local bakers are now offering at home cake tastings.  Based on location, the sugary confections of your choice can be overnighted to you, or dropped on your doorstep for you to try in the comfort of your own home (in your PJs if you like!). Our hands down favorite baker Liberty Baking Co. is offering these at home tastings.

  • Beverage Tasting– While you’re tasting cake, or trying out a new recipe, why not pair that with a wine, beer or signature cocktail tasting, too?  Pick up some of the beverage brands/ingredients offered by your wedding day catering company from a local liquor store (or better yet, have them delivered!) and pop a bottle of bubbly to sample for that champagne toast, savor a new local brew served at cocktail hour, or mix up a cocktail that might pair with the season and color palette of your upcoming celebration.  Repeat as many times as necessary while you watch your favorite shows until you’ve nailed down the perfect bar menu!

Afterwards, schedule a call with your baker and beverage provider and fill them in on your selections, and you’ll be one step closer to finalizing that wedding day menu.


If you are anything like us you have been watching Bravo non-stop… when you need a break, we recommend turning off the TV, and listening to some of your favorite music as you think about the wedding.  Put on Spotify or Pandora and take some time to create a wedding day playlist. Think through what song you will want to walk down the aisle to, your first dance song, your parent dance songs, style of music for cocktail hour/dinner, and we always like to have our couples think of the last three songs of the night!

Then, for bonus points, start practicing your first dance! With five kids we have a lot of living room dance parties, and with this extra time together, surely you can perfect those moves and nail the perfect dip.


Self-care is always important, but especially when you’re planning a wedding during a pandemic. As we lead up to your big day, we encourage you to focus on self-care and your own well-being. Take time to rest, take extra vitamins/supplements, and try not to get too caught up in the anxiety and stress surrounding the issue.

  • Work out – If you’re like us, you’re itching to be active!  Take this extra time to enjoy walks around the block or park, do a guided at home workout class, and squeeze in some extra squats and crunches while you’re catching up on Bravo, or whatever your guilty pleasure is! We like the Obe workouts!
  • Beauty Regimen – Until we can get back into a spa/salon, stay busy with your bridal beauty routines while you’re safe at home. Including, but not limited to: face masks, personal microdermabrasion, teeth whitening, self-tanning, at home mani/pedis.
  • Breathe – We are with you… life is super overwhelming at the moment! Meditate, take deep breaths, take time to notice how you feel, and journal. This is a wild time, and it’s important to feel all the feels, but remembering at the end of the day, this, too shall pass.  Oprah recently compiled her favorite Meditation Apps and can be reviewed here.



While we love meeting our clients in person, we have found Zoom,

Microsoft Teams. and Google Hangouts to be helpful right now as we meet to continue on with the planning process.  With these tech platforms we can share timelines, review floral proposals, show linen samples, and/or just smile or toast through the screen as we all work through this together. Many venues have even partnered with local videographers to offer virtual tours now!  Schedule a visit with your wedding party, your officiant, your DJ, and your planner through the screen, and you’ll find we’re all getting through this creatively, checking things off, and helping you to get one step closer to walking down the aisle on the best day of your life!

Although the situation continues to evolve, we are optimistic and hopeful for joyous celebrations in the very near future, even though they may look a little different for the foreseeable future.  But in the meantime, we encourage you to continue to plan, to design, to celebrate, and to get excited for the day when you will marry the love of your life, because it will be here before you know it!